Party 1- Recap

Make that an extremely brief recap because the party itself, although nicely done (says the organizer: me), wasn’t all that exciting.

Here’s the pic, and yes, my bedroom really is that cluttered and really is that yellow.  I’ll get around to reorganizing it one of these days, but usually by the time I get to bed at night I just don’t care what a mess it is.  The pic is not very good, apologies.  Hubby did not have much patience for my camera.  I’ll try to get a better one at Party 2 on the 18th.

From the eyelashes files: I’m still amazed that people don’t know they’re fake unless I tell them.  Here’s to amazing eyes (Yup, that’s my big ‘ol eye in her photo album, you figure out which one) with no fuss.  Would it be wrong to start telling people I was born with them?

Back to the party: For a party full of hubby’s employees, of whom I’ve previously met maybe 6, there was something about the red dress and trimmings, the champagne (probably had a lot to do with the champagne) and the fact that I organized that shin-dig that made me feel a bit like I owned the place.  I’m not very outgoing in a room full of strangers, generally, but I think I chatted up almost every guest.

I did NOT fall down.  I can’t promise that I walked gracefully, but I did manage to stay upright the entire night.  By the end of the evening, I was done with those shoes.

For the next party, I’m putting a pair of slippers in my bag so that when I’m done being fabulous I can ditch the shoes and be comfortable.  The next party will also include a hula hoop and there’s no way I can hoop in those heels.