Escape to Poo Mountain… Or Happy Earth Day…

Or… Why I should probably supervise my children better.

(Off topic: Who else loved Escape to Witch Mountain as a kid?)

I’m writing more these days, which means more computer time, which means my kids must fend for themselves.

GO. OUTSIDE. NOW… and stay there.

Generally, I sit on the deck and supervise them closely (**muffled laughter**), but today it is cool enough, and my laptop battery is low enough, that deck-sitting wasn’t an option.  Out they went.  And wouldn’t you know?  Miracles do happen and they played outside nicely.  No fighting.  No coming inside every 5 minutes.  No mischief.  No mischief?

They come inside and merrily tell me that they built a fly hotel called FlyTel because it’s Earth Day and “We even built Poo Mountain!”

Me:  Huh, cool. (Totally not paying attention… wait for it… wait for it)  Wait.  What?  You what?

Buddy: We built Poo Mountain from dog poo for our FlyTel so the flies can eat!

Me:  Built it with what?  With what did you touch poo?

Goose:  Gloves!

Bear: (grinning ear to ear) Uh huh! Wif gloves!

Me:  Please place all gloves in the laundry basket, then proceed directly to the bathroom to wash your hands.

**Smiling Earth-friendly children head toward bathroom**

Me: (yelling after them) WITH SOAP!! Wash your hands with SOAP!

**Grumbling children wash their hands with soap**

Me:  Now, let’s have a look-see at your FlyTel.

My children proudly delivered me outside to see this awesomeness:


To book your reservation, call today!

I love that they were thoughtful enough to include provisions for the flies’ education… I bet this wasn’t on your list of kid friendly Earth Day activities.


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