For some reason, it made me think of you…

I received a package recently all the way from The Netherlands, courtesy of the Fabulous Miss Libby. It said, simply, “for some reason, it made me think of you…”
It is a case for my iPhone, and it looks like this:

It’s completely awesome. I love Beaker.
But I wondered, why did she think of me when she saw it? Was there a resemblance? I wasn’t sure, so I took this picture:

Hmmmm…. Maybe. I see some resemblance around the eyes. What if I had red hair?

What do you think? We could totally be related. But I don’t think that’s where the inspiration came from.

So, to further my research, I watched some Beaker clips on YouTube.
This is Beaker doing Ode To Joy.
Two things come to mind watching this.
First is Beaker’s characteristic “Meep” or “Me”, I hear “meeee” mostly in that piece, which reminds me of the first time hubs and I watched Finding Nemo. It was the moment that he really understood my love of seagulls. Yes. I love seagulls… And pigeons. Shut it.
Second is how Beaker is always reluctantly participating in mishaps that end in some sort of catastrophe. I totally get him. Like this.

Whatever the reason Miss Libby, I do love Beaker, always have. And you totally made my day by thinking of me from clear across the globe.

For an extra layer of fun, the kids hate it, which makes me laugh all the more.
Bear: mommy, you phone is broken! Fix it! *pointing to Beaker’s face*
Buddy: mom, I liked your old cover better. I don’t like that guy.

Hmmmmm…. Maybe they won’t ask to play with it so often any more.
Insert evil laughter here.