I keep it a mess on purpose… So that it’s livable.

There was an appliance repair man here today to fix what turned out to be the ice maker on my refrigerator. He spent much time discussing planned obsolescence of appliances and lamenting how difficult it is to be a repair man these days when appliances are generally built to be disposable.

The man knows his appliances, and he likes to talk… Very much. At one point he sat down at the island to make a call about a replacement part. He casually swept some of the junk aside so there was enough room for his papers and smiled.

“Thanks for having a livable house,” he said.

“you mean messy?” I asked

“No. Livable. Sometimes I go into houses that look like show houses and it’s hard to imagine that people live there at all. Houses like this… You know that people live here with their families, and spend time together. You’re not afraid to touch things, because the people actually use their stuff. It’s not just for show…. People live here.”

Yeah… He probably says that to all the ladies.

But I don’t mind.

Ps- next post I’m going to leave the autocorrect mayhem intact, then post the proper translation. Just for fun. Because blogging on my iPad until I get a new laptop is an adventure.


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