What does the rooster say?

Gem from this evening….
Sitting with the kids watching tv when Buddy says, “mom, what does cock mean?”

holy crap, did he just say what I think he just said, and now I’m doomed to get porn spam on my blog

Me: I’m sorry, what was that? What does what word mean?

Trying to stay calm and neutral, so I can figure out where on earth he might have heard that word.

Buddy: Never mind.

Apparently, my expression or tone of voice gave away my panic.

Me: I can’t tell you what it means because I didn’t hear the word. Did you say, “cock”?

Buddy: Yes! Yes! What does “cock” mean?

I clear my throat, stalling for time.

Me: Ummm, like in “cock-a-doodle-doo? What a rooster says?

Buddy: No. Ears. Ears cock. Like in The Poky Little Puppy.

Me: Ooooohhhhhhhhhh. The puppy cocks his ears to listen. Indeed. Indeed, he does.

An explanation of the term follows using poor Frances the dog for demonstrative purposes.

And now I know why it’s important not to jump to conclusions, and to never, ever dig under the fence.

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