And I Ran… Not So Far Away

Happy New Year!  Smoooooch!

Sorry that I’ve been away so long, but the holidays will do that.

Here’s the end of year synopsis: Party 2 (for my company) was a smashing success…. but the hoopin’ never happened. It was too hectic and too crowded to get a good hoopin’ going.

Christmas: we had guests in town.  I love them, but I cannot stand people in my house for more than 3 days.   I just can’t.  I go berserk.  I’m slightly antisocial.  Everywhere I went, someone else was already there.  I run into this without house guests (including myself, there are three adults, and three children, normally), add two more adults and it’s more than I can handle.  It’s a personality defect; it’s not their fault.  But I feel much more stable now that they have gone home.  Sadly, when I checked my fish tank (which is in the room they were staying in) after they left, I realized that Goose’s fish is missing and presumed to have been my tiger barb’s lunch.  So far, she hasn’t noticed.

My children received an excess of gifts. It absolutely makes me crazy.  We purchased two gifts per child to keep things reasonable, but the grandparents went overboard as usual.  I will need to cull the toy herd before the new semester starts and I become too tired to care that I’m being slowly suffocated under a pile of toys and whatnot.  On one hand, I’m happy we can give them everything they need and much of what they want, but on the other hand, they have so much and others do without food let alone a considerable bounty from China.

Tiny Blue Tree

Tiny Blue Tree

Next year, they will get necessities for Christmas: clothes, books.  No toys.
The grandparents do enough of that. We will find a place to volunteer or buy gifts for people in need instead of more junk for this place. We gave to Toys for Tots, but I know we can do better.  It seems like it becomes a circus regardless of how hard I try to make it something more significant.   I’d like to skip Christmas altogether next year… maybe just celebrate the change of seasons or something.

There’s a picture of my silly blue plastic $20 tree.   I really love it.  It’s silly enough to make me happy, in spite of putting up a tree when I would rather not, just to keep the grandparents off my back.   I know, I know…. “Bah Humbug”. I can’t help it, and the harder I try to like the holiday, the more I don’t.

Don’t worry, the kids had a fantastic time opening their loot (even without any of the Santa stuff), although they still haven’t played with everything. We had dinner at my brother’s in Connecticut. We had a lovely time visiting family and over stuffing ourselves.

So, how did I bring in the new year?  Bowling.  I am soooooo exciting, right?

2011: It’s off to a rough start.  January 1, I spent running software updates at work… epic badness.  They failed so fantastically that I had to restore the database and reinstall a former version of the software.  Since then, the phone system has malfunctioned and a print server died.  Lucky I’m not superstitious or I might think this is an omen for the rest of the year.

On Sunday, frustrated from the previous day’s mishaps in server-land, and encouraged by the reasonable warmth of the day, I ran for the first time in two months.  Granted, it was only two miles, but it felt great!  2 glorious miles of me, alone with my thoughts and some Black Eyed Peas in my iPod, running along slowly…. or maybe it was more of a jog then a run.  Does anyone even say “jog” anymore?  Seems like everyone runs and no one jogs these days.  Wasn’t it the other way around a decade to two ago?

Anyway, as I said, it felt great!… That is, until I returned home and promptly stepped in a giant pile of dog  excrement. Poo. Poo on my running shoes.

Oh well.

This year:  I’m looking forward to warmer days for more running (I’m too wimpy to run if it’s too cold),  maybe I’ll finally run a 5k, get another couple of semesters under my belt toward my MBA, complete some great projects at work, and spend some quality time with my family.  Those kids of mine are getting too big, too fast.

There’s much to do, but if I’m not busy, I’m bored.

So, bring it on 2011… and bring your gremlins and your poo, too.

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