Excedrin and a Sippy Cup

I was getting a mammoth headache, as I often do, and reached for my Excedrin. I realize that I don’t have a drink, and there isn’t a handy way to get one, at least not quickly.  I’m in a public children’s play area, there are kids everywhere and I don’t dare put the pills in my pocket or anywhere else until a drink is available, lest the pills manage to fall into the hands of some little person.  So I did the only thing a mommy can do, I washed them down with Bear’s sippy cup of milk.

I wondered briefly if any of the other mommies saw, and what they must have thought.  First I rifle through my purse for an unmarked pill bottle, anxiously dig through the contents to find the right ones, not antacid, not acetaminophen, not the multivitamin.  Upon finding the pharmaceutical gold, I look around somewhat anxiously for a drink before draining half of my son’s milk.

Headache relief forthcoming, I relaxed and watched the kids play, but wondered if anyone called child services about the slightly crazed pill-popping mama.

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