The Cosmic Hula Hoop

Being widely considered quirky (“quirky” is so much sunnier than eccentric or weird) has advantages. I occasionally find random gifts on my desk from people who saw this or that oddball thingamajig and thought that I’d just love it… whatever it is…. And they are usually right.

Recently when I opened my office door, I discovered, to my giddy delight, a beat up, hot pink Cosmic Hula Hoop on my desk. I cannot see a hula hoop without immediately saying, “You know, for kids.” (From the movie: The Hudsucker Proxy)

After my Tim Robbins impression, I grabbed the hula and shook it to see if the lights still worked. One of three lights is still functional. Better than none. And then… I gave it a whirl.

I don’t think it completed one revolution before it hit the floor, but naturally that one brief revolution was long enough for a coworker to spot me. I probably should be embarrassed, but it was just too hilarious. I tried again and again but just could not get into a hula-groove.

So I started asking every person I saw to take a crack at it. Some declined, but some are pretty gifted hula-hoopers. Who knew? Who knew so many people could be crammed into a small office with a hula hoop and come out without injuries?

I have photographed the victims…er… Participants for display at the upcoming office holiday party. Muahahaha.

I really do work, it’s not all play, but sometimes it’s a stressful place and that hula hoop has an amazing uplifting effect on people.  Whether they actually try it or not, even the most somber people can’t help but grin when asked to give it a go.

I even got the phone repair man to do it, but I promised him I wouldn’t post the pictures on the internet and I’ll stay true to my word…. But it was most definitely hilarious.

If the article below is any indicator, it’s good exercise as well as being good fun. 🙂

Maybe they should remake The Hudsucker Proxy and change the line to, “You know, for burned out adults.”


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