Pimp My Swagger Wagon

Disco ball in blue

Image via Wikipedia

I want chrome spinner wheels for my swagger wagon. (I never get tired of that video.) And a disco ball.

I’m not kidding.

Okay, maybe the disco ball is over the top, but I still want the spinners.

I know it’s ridiculous; I can’t help myself. There’s just something about hauling three kids into a pea-green minivan with chrome spinners that makes me giggle uncontrollably. I don’t think I could get into my van without smiling hard, and something tells me that no one else would be able to look at my hip ride without grinning too. It would be my shiny contribution to a better society.

Really. I haul 3 kids here and there every day, in and out of 3 car seats, usually listening to Pinkalicious or Skippjon Jones on audiobook. It’s a drag sometimes. I’m entitled to garish wheels.

I draw the line at animal print seat covers, although if they were velour… And orange, I might reconsider. I’d be mastering the peas and carrots look.

Maybe just a miniature disco ball that I can bust out during my next Bee Gees bender. A real disco ball would be tacky… Even for me.


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