Chomp chomp chomp

Bear got his finger munched on by a friend today.  It’s awesome.

(No worries.  He’s fine. No broken skin or permanent injuries.)

I’m hoping that now that he has been on the receiving end of a set of pearly whites, he might think twice about sinking his own set into a friend or sibling…. usually a sibling.

Example from last week: 3 kids playing quietly in the basement playroom. (quietly should have been a tip-off) Suddenly, Buddy screams, pauses, then screams again and commences sobbing.   I arrive at the bottom of the stairs and see sobbing Buddy at the top of the slide, Bear playing with blocks, and Goose drawing on the chalkboard. Hmmmmm…..

“Buddy, what’s wrong?”, I ask.

“Bear bite-ed meeeeeee!”

I see a wet, round mark at the top of his back near his neck.

“I see, Buddy. Ouch, that must have hurt.” I try consoling him.

“Noooooo!!! Heeeere!”, he says pointing to his bottom.

I pants him.  Sure enough, another set of teeth marks in his right cheek.  I patch up the damage with some Lightning McQueen bandages and begin the inquiry to decipher what happened.

The way Buddy tells it, he was at the top of the slide when he was viciously attacked by his brother and sister.

“Wait”, I say, “both of them?”

“Yes”, he whimpered, “Goose bite-ed my neck and Bear bite-ed by bottom.”

Goose confirmed that this is, indeed, what occurred.

After piecing together the puzzle, I believe what happened was this: Buddy stationed himself firmly at the top of the slide, guarding it with all his might.  Bear tried to go around him to go down the slide and when he couldn’t, he chomped on Buddy’s rear.  Goose attempted to go down the slide and failed also, and seeing how spectacular the reaction was when Bear bit him, she bit him, too.


I really wish they’d work out their pack hierarchy and be done with it.

Back to the point: Bear is not a first time bite offender.  He has chewed on Buddy numerous times now, and it’s possible that a few tooth marks in his own digits was just what he needed to cure him of it.

Here’s hoping.

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