Drowning in Laundry (*glub glub*)

Little girl playing--doing laundry

Image via Wikipedia

I have 5 laundry baskets. Even so, I can rarely find an empty one to carry clean clothes upstairs. On occasion, I can get all the clothes, bedding, and whatnot washed and dried in a timely fashion, but the folding and putting away is never done fast enough to keep from running out of baskets. I tried putting clothes away while the children were sleeping but they always seem to wake up when I start opening drawers.

I was thinking of moving the dining table to the basement so I can work on laundry continuously throughout dinner without having to run up and down the stairs.

One afternoon I hallucinated that the laundry pile started dolling out advice like Marjory the Trash Heap. I almost wish it were true. At least the laundry would be more interesting.

The kids pair the socks for me, but really, what good does that do when they toss the rest of the goods around the room while digging the socks out of the load? At what age do you figure I can start making them do their own? Is 4 too soon?

Somehow, my laundry is always done last. Without fail. I wonder what Margot the Laundry Pile would say to me about that. Although I’d rather she tell me how to get the kids’ grungy little socks clean without using 4 gallons of bleach, and just keep her opinions about my 3 day old flannel pants to herself.

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