Bee Gees Love

Is there a better song than “Too Much Heaven”?

Maybe there is, but today, I don’t think so.

Did you watch it?

Did you fully grasp Barry’s crazy falsetto?  Did you see his teeth?!?! Those things are unreal.  Perfect and so white they probably glow in the dark.  Not to overlook the contributions of Maurice and Robin, of course.  Harmonies? Incredible.

So naturally, I’m ecstatic to hear the rumor that Steven Spielberg is working on a Bee Gees MOVIE!!!!


Anyway, I’ve had the Bee Gees greatest hits on repeat for three days now (much to the dismay of family and coworkers).  I’m just about ready to move on (to what? I don’t know… Air Supply?), but before I do, I want to know: what are your musical guilty pleasures?

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