“Different I”

My son sees dead people.  At least that’s what people keep telling me.  It’s possible, I suppose, but I’m inclined to think he just has an incredible imagination. It’s the more comfortable explanation.

He has a few “friends” that he mentions with varying frequency, most commonly, “Gramma” who lives in a pink and brown house.  He keeps his race car there and sometimes has sleepovers.  Gramma is really amazing.  She has every toy he could ever want and an assortment of books so vast that it would make the average librarian envious.   There is a Gramma mention daily, often several.  I have not met her and when I ask to, he simply says,”Sorry, Mommy.  Not today.”

Before that started, (or was it around the same time?) he used to talk about “Hallie”.  Hallie is a girl and is decidedly not Holly, Hannah, or anyone else.  She is Hallie.  Sometimes he would talk to her.  Sometimes he would be her.  I always play along.  His twin sister does too.  If he was Hallie, then she would be Hallie’s brother.  If he talked about Hallie, so did she.

One day he looked at me thoughtfully and said, “Yeah, maybe you can be Hallie’s mommy.  Would you like that mommy?”

“Sure,” I told him.  “I’d be happy to be Hallie’s mommy.”

I never heard from or about Hallie again.  I had more or less forgotten about her completely, until yesterday, when My son started talking about his friend, “Different I” (or “eye”?).  He tells me that “Different I” lives next to his Gramma’s house.  I believed initially that he meant “Different EYE”, but now I’m not sure.  When I asked him what his friend looked like, he shrugged and said, “He looks like the letter ‘I’.”  Duh.  Of course he does.  “Different I” is somewhat elusive.  He mentions him infrequently but the details are consistent.  He lives next door to the mythical “Gramma”, he looks like the letter “I” and he has a baby brother.

I wonder how long he’ll be around and how much we will hear from this doppelgänger.  But in the meantime,  I’m just glad be doesn’t generate any laundry.

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