Welcome to “The Words I Use”

I’ve wondered often if I should start a blog.  And now after having been told, once again, that my son doesn’t like “the words I use”, I’m finally taking the plunge.  My intent is to use this blog as an outlet for whatever thoughts plague me.  Most likely, you’ll be reading a gross amount about my children, and my thoughts on parenthood.  But be forewarned that I’m not likely to hold my tongue if I have something else to say.

He was right, of course.  My son.  I don’t always use likable words.  I, impatient and short-fused, often use words that are negative and abrupt.  Thank goodness that he’s always near to remind me when I’m making poor word choices…. or forgetting something important like the trip to Dunkin Donuts I promised him , or to fasten him into the car seat. And he, as well as my other two children, provide me with an endless supply of quips and tidbits to share, and maybe in doing so, I might find a way to use fewer words that they don’t like and more of them that they do.  If, at any point, I find myself confused or at a loss, they’ve already volunteered to bail me out.

“When your words get all twisted, mommy, I will untie them.”

Thanks for having my back, buddy.

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